Shipping Policy
Thank you for choosing the MNSV Translator for your translation needs. This policy outlines our shipping procedures for translated documents.  
  1. Delivery Methods:
  1. PDF Copy via Email and WhatsApp:
Upon completion of the translation, a PDF copy of the translated document will be sent to the email address provided during the ordering process. Additionally, we will send a PDF copy via WhatsApp for your convenience.  
  1. Attested Hard Copy via Courier Services:
For customers opting for attested hard copies of their translated documents, we offer delivery via trusted courier services. Please refer to the details below for the process.  
  1. Attestation Process and Delivery Time:
  1. Attestation:
If you require an attested hard copy of your translated document, we will complete the necessary notarization and attestation processes.  
  1. Delivery Time:
The attested hard copy will be dispatched via courier within [specified time frame] from the date of translation completion and notarization.  
  1. Shipping Charges:
  1. PDF Copy:
The electronic copy (PDF) of the translation sent via email and WhatsApp is provided free of charge.  
  1. Attested Hard Copy:
Shipping charges for the attested hard copy will be displayed during the checkout process. The cost may vary based on the delivery location.  
  1. Tracking and Confirmation:
  1. PDF Copy:
A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address upon sending the PDF copy.  
  1. Attested Hard Copy:
Once the attested hard copy is dispatched via courier, we will provide a tracking number for you to monitor the status of your delivery.  
  1. Shipping Regions:
  We offer shipping services for attested hard copies to various regions, subject to the courier’s serviceability in the specific area.  
  1. Contact Us:
  If you have any questions or concerns regarding our shipping policy, please feel free to reach out to us at